Our Team

Gaurav Agarwal

Gaurav As Founder and President at Klever Equity, Gaurav leads overall strategy, deal sourcing, and portfolio management. Gaurav has over 15 years of experience and success as an entrepreneur, executive, and investor. His diverse background and global financial knowledge into equities and markets give him a unique edge into the different viewpoints of both entrepreneurs and investors, working across geographies in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Gaurav is passionately focused on supporting innovative start-ups and entrepreneurs in technology and branded consumer space and brings in several million dollars on VC backed investment to fuel these organizations. Disrupting the traditional methods, creating lean and cashflow efficient organizations with value-added investments. Investing and executing some of the most exciting ventures, Klever aims to create an envious portfolio of companies and brands.

Gaurav is also the CEO of WiseWorks, one of the leading and fastest growing online market research organization, headquartered in Toronto, Canada, with teams and clients across several global regions.

Puneet Choudhry
Finance Controller

Puneet is an accomplished professional with robust record of delivering quantifiable success to the organizations in the overall career span. He is a Chartered Accountant with progressive international experience in audit, internal controls implementation, compliance, and financial reporting for over 15 years. Puneet started his career in public accounting with Deloitte and have also worked with MetLife and State Street. Puneet enjoys traveling and spending time with family.

Monika Agarwal
Managing Partner

Monika, MBA, is the ideas person. She analyzes the ideas, concepts, products, and their viability in the market. Her focus stays on how a consumer will react to this new service, business or the product any start-up is willing to innovate, and bring to the market. Keen focus on engagement of a product with its target market, analyzing scalability, feasibility and sustainability in the long run.

Being a mother to two extremely passionate and active kids, Monika is able to jump very quickly from an investor, to a consumer, which allows her to judge aptly how a particular idea could be perceived in the market, and whether it makes Klever would consider that investment in our portfolio.